Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Great Debate (2)

Heyy guys! Its time for another "Great Debate!" So this time its about swiss dot tights. Again, I won't give my opinion, so that everyone can give their opinion. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the picture to upload, so I'm just going to post the link here. Can't wait to here your input!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Back Again/Christmas List

Hi everyone! SO SO SO sorry for not writing in a little less than two months. Anyway I'm going to try to write as soon as possible. Alright, now back to fashion. Christmas is sooooo close and everyone is always running around like crazy. You want to buy for all of your friends, but where do you get the money? Not a problem. Here are some cute, chic, and CHEAP beauty prezzies for all your fave girls:

For your friend who smells delish...Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Double Body Mist. These suckers only cost $12 and in the store they sell mini ones for $6. (my fave scent is plumdrop!

For the girl on the go...Try these new mini palettes from Stila. The themes are around the world. Here I'm showing the original Road to Radiance- Across the USA palette, but there are so many more in cute colors. And best yet, they're only $10!!!

For the girl who's sweet....Try a philosophy lipgloss! This time of year is the best to buy Philosophy and right now I'm craving their new lipgloss in peppermint bark. These cuties are only $10 and come in a MILLION different flavors!