Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Great Debate (2)

Heyy guys! Its time for another "Great Debate!" So this time its about swiss dot tights. Again, I won't give my opinion, so that everyone can give their opinion. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the picture to upload, so I'm just going to post the link here. Can't wait to here your input!


  1. The dots tights seem a little adult like if i was a stylish adult i would wear it but i'm just a little kid. maybe I would wear them if they can in pink or sparkles.

  2. ok ok ok Luv ya girl(name?) but..... They make you look like you have BLACK CHICKEN POKS OR maybe even MOLES...... not to be mean lol.... anyways i dont quite like them tooo much.... But I luv your blog anyways CAREBEAR! <3

  3. i agree with MeGaN:). UGLY!!! No offence...

    check out

  4. I have some like that...only the tights are a little darker and the dots are a little bigger. They do look pretty grown up....but I think they're fun to wear. And the chicken pox/moles idea...yeah LOL I'm totally seeing it...but liek I said, mine are darker. Sorry for typos. Gotta go!
    I wish you enough TIME (to get back on here, girl! I miss you and your blog!!!!)