Monday, October 4, 2010

Haute Fitness Gear

Sorry I didn't publish a post yesterday. I was at a party and didn't get home until later. Anyway, during the winter when I practically live in sweatpants. They're just so comfortable and warm, plus I have either dance or some other sport, and also the school play, so its just easier to wear sweats. BUT, it is definitely not easier to look like a slob, which is why I've been looking for cute sweats and other workout clothes.

For your sweats you want something cute, but easily movable. (click here)

For your tops it's always easier to wear a tank top and put a sweatshirt on over top. (click here)

For shoes I like Nike the  best. (click here)

That's all for now and btw sorry for not using pictures. I just didn't feel like importing, exporting, and uploading today!

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