Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall-ing for Sweaters

Fall has to be my favorite season. I love everything about it. The air, the smell, the colors, but right now I'm so excited about the sweaters! In some areas like mine, it isn't cold enough yet for sweaters, but it'll get there soon. Right now my fav sweaters are: (here), (here), and (here). Thanks for reading and remember, stay fashionable!!


  1. hello there! It is I! "<3kckitty3" also known as singkittyle000 to my fellow bloggers/blogger readers!

    I love those sweaters! especially the first ones with the bows! yeah, and I'm like you, no can do with the buying designer clothes. Some of my friends can and I have one friend who won't buy anything BUT designer jeans, but who cares? I can't, and she can, and she wants to. I respect that and she respects me.

    cuz it don't ma-atter yo.

    I have this really cool green jacket ... leather...I think. it's from Forever 21 and i love it! Especially cuz it's my school's color and no one's got one like it! I'll search for it later and probably put it on Dragonfly Cookie. I have a feeling that out of all my blogs, you might really like that one. it's

    remind me to post on it more often!

  2. hey i love the sweaters! In fact, i just bought a sweater from Garage today! Love the blog, will help spread the word! <3