Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Military Boots

Ok so every magazine I look at I see military boots! THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! Most of the time I can't make up my mind whether or not I like them. I've seen them with dresses, skirts, and tucked into skinny jeans. I'll show you some of the ones I like, but post below what you think about the whole military boots trend.

Click (here), (here), and (here).


  1. yeah, I like them! I think they're a nice twist...you know, something different. I looove different! Like...seriously, one time on a dress out day I wore a yellow plaid long sleeved shirt and on my right hand I had a gothic knit glove ... i think i was also wearing my colorful, striped, high knee socks and jean shorts. it was nuts. lots of people looked at me like i was weird and asked what was up with the glove. whatever. (it wasn't wacky tacky day!!) i'm just like that...i mean...most people aren't...so um...yeah

    anyway, these boots aren't SO drastic. I think they're cool. I wish we had enough money to buy some. :(

  2. but you know what i REALLY want?? i really want a military-like jacket. major drool. but no can do. ahhh, i'll live.


  3. @singkittyle000
    Yeah i like military jackets too! I don't know about the boots though...